Core session – 24/06

Face down – 3 rounds – 45/15

1 – Rolls
2 – Side plank (Dynamic)
3 – Mountain climber
4 – Superman
5 – Mountain climber
6 – Side plank (Dynamic)
7 – Burpees

1 thought on “Core session – 24/06”

  1. Usha Lama-Knott

    Steve is an awesome trainer. The knowledge and experience that he brings in fitness and training is mind blowing. He is an interactive trainer, who is always so friendly and motivating. His training sessions are always so seemless. I wish I had someone like Steve here in Germany.
    It has been an absolute pleasure training with you, Steve. Love it and proud (exponentially) to be part of your core training group.
    I can only highly recommend Steve as a trainer.
    Usha Lama-Knott 🙂

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